95% of Engineers in India are not eligible for Software Programming Jobs | Report


A report says that 95% of engineers in India are unfit to be or to do a Sofware Engineer! As this sound hard that only 5% are able to be a Software Engineer.

It means that there is an acute shortage of talent in IT. Normally it's a pride for any country to have so many fresh outta graduate engineers but considering the truth behind this report there can't be a bigger shame for a nation to produce most of the engineers who are unfit of employability.


According to a study by aspiring minds says that only 4.77% fulfills the minimum requirement for a Software development jobs. It sounds harsh that only 4.77% can make a logic programme code that compiles and run. So what about others? why they are not able to make a functional code for a programme that compiles perfectly. The study further recorded that while more than 60 percent applicants cannot even write code that compiles without error, only 1.4 percent can write functionally correct and efficient code. IT companies say that there is a huge vacancy for Software Engineers. On other hands, we say that we have a lot of Software Engineers that are not getting employment. Then, what is the reason that Software Engineers are not get employed?

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Reasons for Why Software Engineers are not Eligible for Software Development Jobs.

First, we have to understand the reason behind this because without understanding the reasons we can't solve it. There are several reasons for why Software Engineers are not getting jobs in the IT companies. Last two year the ratio of unemployment of Software Engineers is about 80% then it comes to 85% and increased day by day. Now, It's come to 95% of Software Engineers are not getting Jobs in IT companies. Maybe in future, it will increase. IT companies say that they have lots of vacancy in their company. On the other hand, we say that we have lots of people but they are not getting Jobs. So what are the reasons? People want Job with Good packages and IT Company wants people who know something, Who can actually work on their project.

Some people says that our education system and teachers are not Good to give education or train them well. They could not provide Engineers a good facility. If we want to be a Good Engineer then, we only want IIT colleges to take admission. Why? There are the third tier colleges also in our country for Engineers. What these colleges do is, they only run a business. They give admissions to the students, they do not train them well. They could not provide Good faculty and of course, Their fees are also very high. They are paying less to teachers.

Whatever the reasons are, You can blame your education system, You can blame your teachers, In fact, you can blame yourself. The main reason is the attitude of learning. If you want to be a Good Software Engineer then, improve your skill first. because IT companies will not give Job on basis of your Degree. They will give you Job on the basis of your skills, If your skill does not match with their company then, they would not give you Job. In fact, you cannot blame anyone because we are living in the age of Internet. If you are self-motivated then Nobody is stopping you from learning. You can surf the net or you can get free classes from Youtube. There are much more online learning services that are charging you so less, You can subscribe Treehouse and get classes.

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Further, the report said that programming skills are five times poorer for Tier III colleges as compared to tier I colleges. “Only sixty-nine percent of applicants from top 100 colleges are able to write a programming code that actually works versus rest of the colleges where only 31 per cent are able to write a compilable code,

You should first decide what you have to do. You have to be. In fact, students after completing their 12th standard, they start searching for the Engineering colleges and then they think they will learn programming languages after completing engineering and they will think about their future after doing Engineering. Many students that if they can get a degree then, they can also get the job easily. But, they are wrong degree will not give you Job. Your skills set will give you the job. If you can make your skills set then, you can get Job easily. This is how this system works. If a question arises in your mind how can you learn? then, I already mentioned above that we are living in the age where only books are available. There are some free learning video also available. Also, you can get learning classes on udacity, udemy, of course, they will charge you, but their charges are less.

Another problem with the Software Engineers is that they do not make their project their own. When they are asked to make their project by their colleges then, they buy or outsource the project from outside. In fact, there are so many people who provide software and applications to the students. If you buy project then, how you get confidence of making programme. Also when IT company ask about your project then, how these students will answer!

Conclusion: -  If you want to be a Good Software Engineer then, Build your skills set and Before, you have to choose in which field you are supposed to go. Learn Software programming from online services that I have already mentioned above. Make your own project to build confidence of making application and programme. Getting a Job does not mean you are an employable person. For instance, there are so many people who are working as a Software developer but they don't know about programming languages. So, be a deserving candidate rather than person unemployable and still getting a Job. 
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