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I am Harsh Mishra Owner of this Blog Wiki Junction. As you know Wiki Junction is a Blog giving Informative contents of Blogging, Unknown Facts, and much more. All you know from this blog is fully correct and examined before posting as a Blog post. All these stuff is about Wiki Junction but if you want to know about me then read about me below.

I already told you my name. My hobbies are Blogging as part-time and Listening English songs. I love to listen to the songs of Akon as I am die hard fan of Akon. I love to do programming as I learned XML, PHP, C and C++ languages. Well, I haven’t created any good program till now. But I will create it soon.  I love to solve PC issues as I know how to solve computers issues. 


Harsh Mishra-author
Yeah! That’s Me


Blogging is only my hobby, Today I am writing blogs for just giving knowledge to others not for making money as you know I haven’t applied for Adsense or any other advertisement program. If I will apply in future maybe get approved by Adsense then I will assure you, My ads will not make trouble for your reading.


What advantages you can get from Wiki Junction:-


Wiki Junction gives informative content and blogging tips that help other bloggers. Contact Us… 

  • What Advantages you can get from Wiki Junction:-
  • Informative Content.
  • Blogging Tips.
  • Always there for visitors who wish to contact us.

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For subscribing to my Blog. As a blogger, subscribers are our most appreciated value, and so I want to thank you for that. Wiki junction is a blog for giving informative contents of Blogging, Unknown Facts, and much more.          

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