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I am Harsh Mishra – Founder of Wikii Junction – A Place where you can Learn WordPress, Blogger, SEO, and Google Adsense tips & tricks.

I Started Blogging as a Hobby and Now, making money through it. Blogging gives me the freedom to Share what I know or learned. Everyone can learn blogging and start making money through it. It’s easy and simple! You can find the number of article and guides through which you can learn:

  • Monetize your website with Google Adsense and Start Earning Online.
  • Customize your WordPress or Blogger blog with zero codings.

I am also available to help you if you got stuck in any trouble just contact me through contact us form.

How I got an Idea to Start a blog?

I always think to start a website where I can share files like Games, Softwares, Movies, etc. One day I got to know about Blogger which provides a platform to share your thoughts. I started a Blog on Blogger and give a name to my blog “Mesoftech”  and started sharing links and its description. Within 3 months my blog was getting 300 traffic per day. I know it’s not huge but enough to apply for Google Adsense. But, my application was disapproved by Google Adsense. When I went through the terms and conditions of Adsense, I came to know that I am doing wrong. It’s illegal to share torrent files or software for downloading. So, I shut down “Mesoftech”. And Started Wikii Junction- Where I can share my SEO strategies, WordPress, Blogger tips and tricks. After 6 months I got approved from Google Adsense. This is How I started Blogging.

What else I love to do?

I Love to listen to music especially when it comes to Akon. Not only I love to listen to songs also, but I also love to watch adventure movies whether it is Hollywood movies or Bollywood. My favorite movie is Jurassic Park. Really, it is an awesome movie.

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Wikii Junction gives you informative content that is based on WordPress, Blogger, Google Adsense, etc that help other bloggers to create a successful Blog. If any query, Don’t hesitate to Contact Me…

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