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I am Harsh – Author of Wiki Junction – A Place where you can Informative Contents Based on WordPress, Blogger, SEO, and Google Adsense tips and tricks. All you know from this blog is fully correct and examined before publishing.

Let me tell you about Myself!

My Full Name is Harsh Mishra, A Passionate Blogger from Delhi, India. Started Blogging as a way to make money and share my thoughts.



Mesoftech was my first blog where I share Movies, TV Shows, Games and Softwares for downloading. But I have started Mesoftech only for making money from it. Applied too many times for Adsense but every time I was rejected. After waiting 2 months I understood I am doing wrong! In these 2 months, I understood that I am violating Google Adsense Policy. And, Shut down Mesoftech! 

Really, I was feeling very bad!

But, doing blogging on Mesoftech gives me the knowledge of SEO and Blogger.  I faced too many issues on Blogger then I search it on Google and find Answers correct it and feel happy.

After closing my Blog Mesoftech I decide now I will share my thoughts on Unknown facts.  Founded Wiki Junction on June 28, 2018. But After 1 months I feel too bore to do research on unknown facts and post my articles.

Really, It was too boring! I am interested in reading about SEO, and Blogger tricks and tips rather than publishing unknown facts. On August 13, 2018, Wiki Junction get its niche. Now, I started publishing Contents on SEO, and Blogger. I only wanted to share my own experience and knowledge about SEO, WordPress, Blogger and Google Adsense. Exploring and Searching on Google, I got this.

This is my story how I started Blogging.



Harsh Mishra - Wiki Junction
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What I do when I have no Work?

Love to listen to music especially when it comes to Akon. Not only I love to listen to songs also, I love to watch adventure movies whether it is Hollywood movies or Bollywood. My favorite movie is Jurassic Park. Really, it is the awesome movie.



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