How to take the Backup of your WordPress website easily?

You love your WordPress website. Maybe your website is your only source of income and it contains thousands of old valuable contents such as Articles, pages, etc. What if tomorrow something went wrong with your WordPress website and you can’t reach your WordPress Dashboard or your Hosting crashes and you can’t retrieve your WordPress website without losing anything. Will you take the chance to let this happen? If No, then take regular backup of your WordPress website.

You can take the backup manually or using some backup plugin. In this post, I will tell you both the ways one by one and you need to just follow the given instructions.

Your WordPress website contains two parts i.e files and database. Both are very important to take the backup of your site. Without files, you can’t see your website live and without a database, you can’t have data on your website. So, in short, you need to have a backup of both the parts of your WordPress website.

You only need the wp-content folder and wp-config.php file to retrieve your WordPress website. The wp-content folder contains installed plugin, themes, images, etc and the file wp-config.php contains the details of your database such as database name and password.  The other directories are common to all WordPress installations, but your wp-content the directory is personal and unique.

But if possible then archive the whole WordPress files so that you can upload the backup of your website and see it live on the internet as soon as possible. In short, you need archives of these two files or archives of the whole WordPress website files and the backup of the database in SQL format.

How to take the Backup of your WordPress Website Manually?

So, Let’s get started.

To start taking backup of your WordPress website, you need to first login into your Cpanel using login credentials which was earlier provided by your WordPress hosting provider.

Taking Backup of WordPress Database

Login page of your Cpanel | Backup of your WordPress website

Now, we will take the backup of the database of your WordPress website and then the backup of WordPress files.

WordPress uses the MySQL Database system for database Operations. Developers can interact with the database using the phpMyAdmin console.

WordPress uses wp_ prefix in its database tables and there are so many tables in the WordPress database where it stores all data and settings. If you need to retrieve your WordPress website then you have to take the backup of important tables or you can select all the tables for the backup.

For example, the table wp_posts contains all the posts you write and wp_postmeta stores their meta data. We find the same scheme with wp_users and wp_usermeta for the users registered on your website, or with wp_comments and wp_commentmeta for the comments. Your categories and tags data are stored into the tables wp_termswp_term_relationships and wp_term_taxonomy. Other tables have a clear name, like wp_links or wp_options.

Now, to export the database, click on the Databases option, and then select phpmyadmin. After this, the phpmyadmin console page will open in new tab.

How to take backup of your database

After the console opens search for the database name that you picked at the time of installing WordPress, it will be in left panel and then , just click on the database of your WordPress website.

Now, click on the tab name that says ” Export” to take the backup of your database of WordPress website.

Once you are about to export the Database in SQL Format, there will be a few options to choose from if needed. But I insist to click on the Quick option.

  1. Select the Quick option.
  2. Take the backup in SQL format.
  3. Now, click on the Go button.

Now, exporting of files of your website Database will start and once it’s done then it will be automatically downloaded on your Personal Computer.

Great! Now, the next step is to take the backup of your WordPress website.

Taking Backup of WordPress site from Cpanel

Login into Cpanel, navigate through the dashboard, and search for the File Manager.

File manager to take the backup of WordPress website files

Now, In the File Manager, search for the folder name that says “public_html” and navigate inside it and search for the whole WordPress files of your website and click on the compress.

Once the folder which contains the whole WordPress files is compressed then click on it and download.

After you download the compressed zip file, delete it from the server as it only occupies the same.

Great! That’s it.

So, You have taken the backup of your website manually.

How to take the backup of your WordPress website via FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This useful piece of software allows you to make a connection between a live website’s server and your computer.

To connect with the FTP account of your website then you need to login with credentials provided by your Hosting service provider into the FTP Client.

Once you open the FTP Client i.e. FileZilla , the right side shows the server files and the left side shows the your computer files.

Taking the backup of your wordpress website through the FTP Client

All you need to do is just drag the folder “public_html” from the right side (server) to the left side (personal computer).

Exporting the archive file of your wordpress website | backup

Let the transfer/export process run until complete (how long the process takes depends on your internet speed).

Great! You have successfully exported your WordPress website files manually using FTP.

How to take backup of your WordPress Website through Plugin?

You can also take the backup of your blog/website using the plugin. There are plenty of plugins available for free in the WordPress Plugin directory. But, one that I use and personally recommend is Akeeba which is not in the plugin directory of WordPress.org so you have to download from its official website and upload it on your WordPress website.

Let’s get started with taking the backup of your site with a plugin in a one click. So, you need to first download the latest version of plugin from the official website and then upload on your WordPress website.

Akeeba- backup plugin to the backup of your wordpress website

Uploading and installing this akeeba backup plugin will be covered in this guide because I have already posted a guide on how to install a plugin from an external source so you can learn from it.

akeeba installed | backup wordpress plugin

So, After installing the akeeba backup plugin on your WordPress website, you can see it in the “installed Plugins”. Now you are able to see the Akeeba Backup option in the Dashboard of your WordPress website.

You need to do some configuration in the plugin and then, you can take the backup of your WordPress site.

Also when you click on the Akeeba plugin it will ask to enable the ANGIE Engine for the backup. You have select or tick on it and then you don’t need to take the backup of the database, the plugin will automatically do it for you. And the ANGIE engine is used to restore the backup and retrieve the WordPress website.

If you don’t know how to restore the WordPress website using akeeba then this guide will help you “How to create a WordPress Website“.

Akeeba plugin configuration to take the backup of wordpress website

Make sure to change the backup format to zip. Now, Save the change and close this page. Now, Akeeba Plugin is ready to take the backup of your Website.

After this, you will be able to see a one-click backup icon in the Akeeba Plugin Dashboard.

Now, you have successfully taken the backup of your WordPress website so, you have safeguarded your website from future unwanted things that can happen with your server or WordPress website.

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