8 Great Tips that are important for new bloggers

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Every newbie blogger needs help and guidance to follow the right path to achieve the desired goal. If you started a writing blog and you are new to blogging then, you need guidance and help to drive more and more traffic from your high-quality informative contents.

So, I have come with the blogging tips for new bloggers which will help you to get more organic traffic and also your site authority will increase.

I started Blogging 3 years ago and In these years, I have made many mistakes in blogging. And I always try to correct my mistakes. And From these mistakes, I learned too much. In Blogging, nobody has full information about it because day to day some changes come in blogging that made it so difficult but not as hard as impossible. As I believe, life is very small, so instead of learning the mistakes of yours, you should learn something from the mistakes of others. 

So, Get started with some great tips for new bloggers.

1. Do not wait for visitors to come to your blog.

If you are thinking that after creating a blog, any visitor waits for your blog to come, then you are totally wrong. Because the user is smarter than you. And unless they find your blog helpful, they will not visit your blog on a daily basis.

If you want your visitor to wait for your blog to come, you will need to publish content on your blog that will conquer their minds and force them to visit your blog and read the full content that you wrote. 

2. All things in blogging take the time to happen.

In blogging, you cannot be successful in the shortcut way as it can take time for everything to happen. When I started Blogging I had only published duplicate content taken from someone else site, but After some time, I found that they are not getting traffic from Google. So, duplicate content will not help me to get success in blogging. To get traffic from Google by indexing your post, increasing Twitter followers, earning better than Google Adsense, there is a lot more to do, which can be time-consuming in blogging. Therefore, Shortcuts can lead your blog blacklisted by Google Algorithm.


3. Google bot easily recognizes the good content.

If you are thinking that you can make Google fool, then you are wrong. Because Google is smarter than you. If your content is not good and quality of your content is not good or you have published automated or duplicate then you will be caught easily by Google and also your post will not rank on Google’s top. Google bots easily recognize spam and spam content. So don’t ever try to make Google fool. Always put good content on the blog so that Google likes your blog and index it quickly. 

4. Advantages of a regular blog update. 

 The main reason why most of the people face failure in blogging is not updating the blog regularly. If you think that after you update 1-2 post in a month or a week, your blog will be successful, then you remove this thing from your mind. 

If you start a new blog, then you should keep updating that blog on a daily basis then you will have two advantages. The first advantage will be that once visitors visit your blog, it will become your regular reader and it will come daily to read a new post on your blog, due to which traffic of your blog will increase and ranking in Google also. 

And the second advantage would be that Google likes the blog or the website that has something to update daily. Therefore daily updating will increase the rankings in your search engine and you will get more traffic from the search engine. 

5. You will not get overnight success. 

When you start blogging, keep in mind that blogging is a long-term investment. Keep in your mind, that you can’t get success in one day or one month. To succeed in blogging you need to have patience. As far as Writing good content will increase your traffic a lot and help you to get success. 

As much as content you will write and publish on your blog, the better the results come out. In this way, we can say that blogging is a long-term investment business.

6. Writing and Editing only do not require blogging. 

If you are creating a business blog then you do not need writing and editing skills only.  Apart from this, there are many things about which you should keep knowledge. You should come to understand the data by analyzing it, and according to what should not be done and what to do, should also come. 

Along with this, you should come to re-design your blog. There should also be a call-to-action in your content, and besides these, you should also get email marketing and social media marketing.   

All these things are that you should know about. So, after starting a blog, try writing about all these things in addition to writing and editing. To create a successful business blog, you should know every little thing about blogging. 

7. Always try to learn about blogging. 

Blogging is something that nobody can ever have full knowledge about blogging. If you think that you have complete knowledge of blogging, then your blog will never be successful because no one has complete information about blogging. The main reason for this is that there is something always changes on a daily basis in blogging. And there are new things comes daily in bloggingSo if you want to run your blog successful, then you should learn about new things about daily blogging.   

8. The theme of your blog is much important. 

 When I started my first blog, I did not pay much attention to the theme of my blog. And I used to use a very bad looking theme on my blog. I haven’t given very much attention to the theme, then After I read a blog and learned how the theme is important for the blog and its traffic. 

When I switched the theme of my blog, after 1 month there was a lot of improvement in my traffic. Therefore, the theme of the new Blog does matter. You should choose the theme of your blog very well. 


I told you about 8 great points that you should keep in mind when starting a new blog. 


If there is a blogging tip other than those that we should keep in mind when starting a new blog. So you share it in the comment box. Along with this, do not forget to share this post with a new blogger. 


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