Create a Contact Us page on Blogger

How to create a Contact Us page in blogger

Having a Contact Us page is important for a blog to create authority in your niche. Nowadays readers sometimes want to reach the blog owners to give their suggestions and feedback on the blog post or even try to contact for help so those blogs which have no “contact us” page cannot have opportunity to make a relationship between them and their readers. Even now Google also takes care of blogs which have a “Contact us” page and About us page. So, this is important for your SEO ranking also. So, creating a “Contact Us” page is necessary to rank well in Google SERP.

Advantage You can get from having a Contact Us Page on your blogger blog:

  • You can Connect with your users.
  • You can get suggestions and feedback easily from your readers.
  • Generate leads if you offer services.
  • Other Bloggers can connect with you.


How to Create a Contact Us page on Blogger?

Method 1: (Paid)

I am gonna teach you 3 ways from which you can easily create a contact us page. One of the ways is zotabox to create a contact us page on blogger but it is paid and one of the best way to create a Contact Us form and It has too many more tools.

Features of Zotabox:

  • Contact Form.
  • Slide Box.
  • Easy Popup.
  • Header Bar.
  • Landing Page Builder.
  • Testimonial.
  • Notification Box.
  • Facebook Live Chat.
  • Social Button.
  • Back To Top.
  • EU Cookie.
  • Social Mobile Bar.

Create a Contact Us form using Zotabox

Let’s Get Started.

Follow the instructions given below:

-> Go to Zotabox homepage.

Contact Us Form | Zotabox

-> Search for the Contact Us Form and then Click on it.

Contact Us Form preview | zotabox

-> Now, you can see a simple Contact Us form on your screen which can be modified with adding more additional fields if you want.

Now, you can add the email address on which you want to get updates and emails.

-> Save the your Editing after doing all customization in the contact us form.

-> Now you have to switch on the contact us form so that it will start displaying on your blog.

If you haven’t sign up for Zotabox then It will ask you to do that.

After successful sign up then, you have to paste the code in your theme given after you switch on the contact form.

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Method 2: (Free)

Create a Contact Us Form using 123formbuilder

This method of creating contact us page is free and easy.

Free Features of 123formbuilder:

  • 5 forms.
  • 10 Fields per form.
  • 100 Submissions per month.
  • 1 user.
  • API Calls 100 per day.

Follow the instructions given below:

Create Contact Us Page in blogger
  • Go to Homepage of 123formbuilder and Sign up for free.
  • Now, Go to “My Forms” Section from the dashboard.
All Forms | create contact us form in blogger
  • Now Start adding appropriate fields such as Name, Email, Subject(Short Text) Message(Long Text), etc.
Contact Us Form fields | | create contact us form
  • Now, Hit publish button. You will be redirected to another page. On that page Find embed option.
  • Click on the embed option and copy the code.
  • Now, Go to your blogger dashboard and then create a new page from the page section.
  • Now, go to HTML mode of Page and paste the code.
Creating Contact Us page in blogger
  • Publish the “Contact Us” page.

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Method 3: (Free)

This method uses the default Contact Us Form of Blogger and which will be visible in the sidebar. So, it is the easiest way to create a contact us form on your blog.

Follow the instruction given below:

-> Login to your Blogger Dashboard.

-> Go to layout section.

->In a sidebar area, click on the “Add a Gadget” option.

Contact Us form in sidebar | blogger

->Click on the More option in the “Add a Gadget” section. Now Search For the Contact Form and Add it on your sidebar.

Contact Us Gadget | create a contact us page in blogger

-> Now, Click on the save button and make sure there is a tick on the visible option.

Visibility of Contact us form in blogger

-> Now, you have your own Contact Form on your blogger blog.

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Bottom Line

Having a Contact Page makes your blog look more professional and stunning also makes it easier for your readers, potential sponsors and others to contact you and gives you feedback.

One comment

I do believe this is something we newbie bloggers will be very much grateful for. Even though I was able to add my Contact us page without much hassle, this is my first time hearing of the Zotabox and I am of course going to give them a try.


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