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Create a WordPress website on localhost using mamp for free

Let’s start creating a WordPress Website without any cost investment.

Yeah! It is possible.

There so many websites and blogs where you can find WordPress Guide on “How to create a WordPress website” and they all say to purchase hosting and domain for your website and then install WordPress.

But, In this WordPress Guide, we will create a WordPress website first, customize it, install perfect themes and then we will purchase the hosting and a domain name to see live our website on the internet.

Is it possible?

Yes, you can create your website and see it live but on your computer only. If you want to see live your website on the internet you have to host it. Hosting WordPress website is easy but you have to pay for that. Well, I have already written an article on choosing a cheap WordPress hosting service provider for your WordPress website so you can easily find a perfect and cheap WordPress hosting for you.

This can be done later on when we finished our WordPress website installation.

So, you can create a stunning website on WordPress for free of cost.

Now, I am going to tell you what you need to create a WordPress website.

Don’t Worry! All you need to create a website is available free of cost.

*MAMP- installs a local server environment in a matter of seconds on your computer. It comes free of charge and is easily installed.

*WordPress – You need to download WordPress files from wordpress.org. It’s free!

*Theme – Now, you have to download a free or premium theme for your website. How your website looks like depends only on your theme so if you are planning to buy a theme think before buying that Is this theme is Good for your website? If yes, then buy it. Well, I have also written an article on 6 Best premium WordPress themes so you choose one of them.

Don’t worry! You can also take stunning looking free themes for your website.

*SEO plugin – To optimize your WordPress website you need to install SEO plugin on your website for better ranking on Google. Keep in mind this plugin will not do anything its own. You have to follow its suggestions while writing the post to rank it well on Google. SEO Plugins such as Yoast & All in one SEO are two plugins that are most installed and trusted.

So, only these things you need to have for the creation of your WordPress website.

What are the things you need when your website is ready?

These things are necessary to publish your WordPress website on the internet. Now, It’s not free! But, you can also take free hosting services. But, It is not reliable and trusted so, If you are serious about your website then go for some reliable and fast WordPress hosting for better ranking on Google.

*Hosting Service Provider – So, This is the step that you can’t skip because without hosting your website files you can’t see it live….lol. Purchase cheap reliable hosting services for your WordPress website.

*Domain – Generate a better name for your website which is relevant to your niche. Make sure your domain comes under the High-Quality Domain. For more info read this article for a better domain name for your website.

I have mentioned above every requirement that you must have for creating a WordPress Website.

Are you ready to start creating a WordPress website?

Let’s Start!

Note: I am focusing on creating this article ” How to create a WordPress Website | WordPress Tutorial | Free of cost ” easy to understand but if you will find it anywhere difficult to make sense please mention it in the comment that this piece of content is hard to understand.

So, follow the steps mentioned in this post.

1. Download WordPress Files on your Computer

This is the first step to create your website. WordPress is a (CMS) i.e., Content Management System. It is an online open-source website creation tool to publish on the web. So, you have to download the WordPress files on your computer.

To download your WordPress files :

*Go to WordPress.org and find the download button. Take the help of the image below.

*Click on the download button and download the latest WordPress files where you want to save.

WordPress Website

2. Download MAMP on your Computer

To host your website locally download MAMP software on your computer. Make sure you are downloading according to your operating system. After downloading finished kindly install it.

Create wordpress website

After installation of MAMP. Go to the file location of MAMP where you have installed it. Example: I have chosen C disk to be the installation path of MAMP. Well, the default path is C disk so if you haven’t change it then Go to C disk and find the MAMP folder. If you got it then kindly open the folder and now find the htdocs folder. Now, copy the WordPress files that you have downloaded and paste it in the htdocs folder. Make sure you are pasting the extracted files.

Now we’re ready to go!

Let’s start creating our WordPress website.

Note: You might face some issues or errors while creating a WordPress website so below I have listed the sources of errors and their solutions. If you till not get the answer to your issue then Feel free to contact me if urgent and If it does not then comment on these posts you will get a reply within 24 hours.

Prepare your WordPress files for installation

So, Open MAMP and wait till both the Apache and MySQL servers start.

MAMP-Create WordPress website

When both the servers start working then click on the “open start page” icon.

A page will open with address localhost:8888. You will see the installation page of WordPress that is asking for the language which you want for your WordPress website.

Wordpress -installation

Choose your language and press the continue button.

Now, We will proceed to the next step of the installation of the WordPress Website.

In this part of the installation, you have to set up a database for your WordPress Website and provide the database name, username, password, and host.  The table prefix is used to run multiple WordPress installations in a single database, change this. The table prefix is not in our WordPress Tutorial so kindly leave it.

If you don’t know how to create Database for your WordPress Website then I will tell you how to create it in this WordPress tutorial.

Note: I have already provided the links in the text so you don’t face any problem. If it will not work then I have provided the steps to get it your own.

So let’s start with creating Database.

  • Go to MAMP and scroll down the page.
  • Find MySQL and then find under it “phpmyadmin->http://localhost:8888/MAMP/index.php?page=phpmyadmin&language=English”.
  • Click on it. A page will open to create the database for WordPress.
  • Now, create a database name and choose collation to be “utf8_general_ci”.
  • Hit the create button.


Take the help of the image to create a database for your WordPress website.

Phpmyadmin-WordPress Database setting up

Now, Go back to the MAMP homepage to get the username and password for your WordPress website. Please take the help of the image below.

Copy the Host, user, and password which is set default by the MAMP.

WordPress installation of Database configurations

Now, Go to the WordPress installation page and paste the info according to it.

Now, Write the Database name that you have created in “myphpadmin”. For me that was wp_demo. And, provide the info that the installation page is asking such as Username, password, and database host. Well, As I said above that the username, password and host is set to default by the MAMP so it is USERNAME & PASSWORD: root and Database host is localhost.

WordPress website is created successfully

So, All the installation is done.

Setting up username and password in WordPress website which is newly created

Now, you have to give your site name, username, password and email.

Note: Don’t tick the box of Search Engine Visibility. Otherwise, your website will not be indexed by Google.

And, Hit the install WordPress button.

WordPress website login page

Now, log in to your WordPress dashboard using your Username and Password.

Your WordPress website has been created successfully.

Bottom Line

Now that you have created successfully your local WordPress site using MAMP, you can work on it as you would do on a live WordPress site.

Go to Appearance to customize your site’s appearance or install a new theme. Here you can also try some free themes on your WordPress website.

You can also install a new plugin on your WordPress website. Plugins are like apps for your WordPress site and allow you to add cool features like contact form, photo galleries, eCommerce store, etc.

After working on your local WordPress site you may want to move it to a live server. Head over to the next step by step guide on how to move WordPress from local server to live site.

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