Setting up Custom Redirect in Blogger | 301 redirection

Setting Up custom redirect in blogger

Every Blogger love to have their post on top of the Search Engine Ranking Page. But, Because of some broken links on their blogs not allow them to have this opportunity. To have this opportunity you have to setup 301 redirections for all broken links. How? I have the answer for the blogspot users. The answer is simple we have to use custom redirect setting in blogger and set up 301 redirections and keep our traffic flowing in right direction.

We have two options for Setting up Custom Redirect in Blogger. First one is Permanent (301 redirections) and another one is temporary (301 redirections). Which one you have to choose? I will tell you for what purpose these two redirections is used.

Let us discuss two types of redirection in blogger:-

  • 301 redirection: This redirection is used for the pages or posts that are deleted or permanently shifted to another new location. If you have made changes in the URL of the posts or pages then you have to use this redirection. As it recommends people to use 301 redirections because it will pass the link juice to the redirected link.
  • 302 redirection: This redirection is used for redirecting posts or pages for temporary. This redirection takes your visitors to new and appropriate location without passing the URL value to the new location. If you have a maintenance page on your blog then, you can use this 302 redirection which is temporary.

Now, it’s your turn to choose the type redirection! If you have chosen the redirection then We will proceed to next part of this blog i.e “How to setup custom redirect in blogger”.

Steps to follow:

*Login to your Blogger dashboard.

Custom redirects in blogger

* Go to setting>>Search preferences

Custom redirects in blogger

*And, Now find “Errors and redirections”.

Custom redirects in blogger

*You will find Custom Redirects under the section of Errors and redirections.

custom redirects in blogger

*Click on the edit button.

Custom redirects in blogger

*Now Add custom redirect for external URLs pointing to your blog that does not point to existing posts or pages. Make sure you’re adding the old URL in first redirection box and new URL in another box. When you are adding the URLs omit your blog address as it already there.

*Tick the box in front of permanent if you want redirect as permanent i.e. 301 redirections and If you want redirection to be temporary and leave it.


*Now, save the changes you have made and start the redirection of the URLs.

For more information, you can read this

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