Create a Blog in few minutes | Easiest way to Start a blog on Blogspot

Create a Blog in few minutes -Easiest way to Start a blog on Blogspot

Are you planning to start a blog?


Great! You are at right place! I gonna tell you the Easiest way to Start a blog.


Create a Blog within few minutes and start blogging.


Having a blog is a good thing, freely you can share anything you want. When I created my first blog on blogspot it was a great feeling. I recommend starting a blog on blogspot because Blogspot is the right place to learn blogging and SEO.


For newbie bloggers, Blogspot is right for them. They can easily create a blog within few minutes with free blogspot domain. Your files, media, all thing on your blog is secured on the blogspot server. It means you don't have to pay for anything. It's free! Not only this, You can earn from your online content through Google Adsense. If you don't know about Adsense then go through this link.


Easiest way to start a blog



This post is dedicated to beginners who wanted to start a blog.


So, In this post, I am gonna tell you the easiest way to start a blog on blogspot.  Let's start!


Step By Step to create a blog | Easiest way to Start a Blog on Blogspot


To start a Blog on blogger you must have a Gmail account. If you don't have then create it first. Then, go to and sign using your Gmail account.


Blogspot 1- easiest way to start a blog


You will see a saying to create a profile on Google Plus or switch to the blogspot limited profile. It's your choice to choose whether you want to create Google Plus profile or continue with limited blogspot profile. Once you're logged in, you will see a button "create a new blog". Click on it.


Blogspot 2- easiest way to start a blog



Choose Name of your Blog

Blogspot 3- easiest way to start a blog


Now, add the title of your blog. Keep in mind don't add your personal name. Give your blog a meaningful name and then select your domain name ( YOUR DOMAIN NAME MUST BE YOUR BLOG TITLE).  Now, its time to select the template for your blog. Select the template which you want to use, It can be changed anytime. And, click on "create blog" button.


Blogspot 4- easiest way to start a blog



Your blog is successfully created!


But, you have to do some changes on your blog to improve your visibility in Search Engines.


Don't panic!


It will not take too much. Only Just a few minutes.


Improve your Blog's visibility



Let's Start! Go to setting and edit your description of your blog. Write a short description of 500 words to describe your blog and save the changes.


Now, Click on the privacy and check all the ticks and save the changes.


Blogspot 5- easiest way to start a blog

Now, click on search preferences, click on the edit button of meta description and add meta description in 150 words. Keep in mind, don't exceeds your blog meta description more than 150 words otherwise it will affect your SEO.

Blogspot 6- easiest way to start a blog



Now, choose Who can comment on your blog and save the changes.


Now, you can publish your content on your blog.


Adding Posts and Pages


To post your blog, Go to the new post and start publishing.

 blogspot 7 -Easiest way to Start a blog on Blogspot

Blogspot has given too many features to write a blog post. You can add different fonts, links media in your blog post to create a stunning blog post.


Add the title of your post and keep in mind title must not be too long and simple to understand.


After writing your post, don't forget to add the description of your post, configure permalink and publish it.



Now it's time to add Add some important pages such as About Us, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us. At least create Contact Us, and About Us pages on your blog. In About us page write about you and your blog. And Give your contact info to your contact us page.


Integrated Google Analytics Stats

Now, it's easy to monitor blog traffic and keep an eye on where your visitors are coming from.

Go to Stats in your dashboard, and click on overview.


Blogger 8-Easiest way to Start a blog on Blogspot


Now, you can check which post on your blog is getting more traffic. Not only this, check traffic sources and audience from where and which device they are using to open your blog.



Comments are one of the factors of SEO. So, it is important to keep the comments switch on in your blog.

Modify and publish those comments on your blog post or add spam comment in spam box or remove comments from spam box and publish it.

blogger 9 - Easiest way to Start a blog on Blogspot

*Regularly check your comments and keep modifying them.

Earning | Google Adsense

Once you have added some few high-quality contents to your blog then you are eligible and now you can submit the application to Google Adsense. "Turn on your passion into profit" Once your blog has some few posts you will see a button to submit an application and if your blog is ready then no one can stop you to start earning.


blogger 10 - easiest way to start a blog

If you got approval to add some relevant ads on your blog and fill the ad spaces by putting Google Adsense Ads. It's easy!


Grow Your Audience | Google Adword

Are you struggling with getting some new readers for your blog?

Now, your struggle has come to the end. But its now free! You have to pay some money for every click.


Blogger 11- easiest way to start a blog on blogspot


Don't Worry! You don't have to pay for invalid clicks but you have to pay if some users click on your ads.

Your ads will appear in Google Search Result.

Start Google Adword campaigns and get real readers for your blog.


Configure Layout of Your Blog

This Page is the layout of your theme which you have chosen in the beginning but you can also change your theme anytime so, don't worry!

Blogger Layout


On this page you can configure sidebar, favicon, you can also add or remove various features such as HTML Code, About me, etc.


Changing Theme

Now, its time to choose most appropriate and responsive theme for your blogspot blog.


Blogger theme



To change your blogspot blog theme Go to Theme and choose your theme or customize your theme. It's easy!



You have made all the necessary changes in your blog and Now, your blog is ready to be index by Google and other submit directories.

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Add some posts to your Blog and Submit to your blogspot blog to Google Adsense to earn money.

If you any Question regarding this Guide "Create a Blog in few minutes | Easiest way to Start a blog on Blogspot" then, feel free to contact me or mention your issue in the comment.


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