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If you have written a blog post before, you must have lost some of your proofreading process, such as commas mistake or misspelled words etc. Grammatical errors are one thing, due to which any reader stops reading your content and goes somewhere else. You can proofread your post for one hour or ask someone else to do this for you, but the truth is that we are just human, even then you still make those silly mistakes.
I am a nonnative English speaker, and whenever I write something online, this makes me special with grammar and spelling. And for this reason, when I came to know a tool like Grammarly, I immediately went to go with it. I started using its free version, which was also impressive despite even some limitations.
How can Grammarly help you write better blog posts?
Grammarly is an advanced, fully-featured grammar and spell checker, which gets integrated with almost everything you do online.
If you type in any text editor field in WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or email, it underlines the Grammatical mistakes in real time.
For example, I am currently typing on this blog, and when I write and if there are any errors, they become underline automatically. To know what these errors are, I will just hover over them, so that I can get an error description. Then I can click on it to know the suggested correction.
You can do this even when you are typing or even if you have finished writing. If you prefer the second method, you can locate Grammarlys icon in the right bottom corner of the WordPress text editor and click on it to know all the suggested corrections in the article at a time.
With a premium account, you also get a contextual spell checker, which means it usually captures confused words, such as, their vs there or which vs. Witch, which are not detected by Microsoft Word’s spell checker It also checks wordiness, modifiers, passive voice and other grammatical mistakes.
In addition to this, it also checks wrong or missing punctuations, capitalization, and other subtle grammar enhancements so that it can polish your writing.
Its second feature is Vocabulary enhancement, which suggests synonyms for words that occur many times in your article. Remember, this feature is just suggestions, and yet you have to decide that you do not have to choose it.
Example of Grmmarly
How to use Grammarly with Microsoft Word?
If you do not write directly in the WordPress editor and use Microsoft Word or any other text editing software, you can access your Grammarly dashboard and upload your file there. Simply click on the “New” button and copy-paste the text you want to check.
For the premium version of this app, you can also use the Grammarly plugin for Microsoft Word, which allows you to use it in Word and Outlook too. To do this, Go to your Grammarly dashboard and click on “Apps” option in the left pane.
If you are an editor or blogger and are reviewing the author’s article, then there is also a Plagiarism Checker for it, which is accessed from the review window of the left tab. This means that you can check from here that someone Articles are not theft. Just like if you accept the guest post, you can paste it here and you will know that those articles are original or are copied.
As previously mentioned that Grammarly also works for e-mail and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter. If you use Google Chrome, you can install their extension for better writing English.
Note: Features like Vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism checker are available in its premium plan only. You can do 150 critical grams and spell checks in their free plan.
Does Grammarly Correct English in the right?
When you use this tool for the first time, it will be easy to think that you can accept all the suggestions. But this can not happen every time As you say before the rules go before you break them. If you feel confident that the particular phrase, word or sentence is not violating the grammar rules, then you can ignore the suggestion given by grammarly and leave it as it.

In the example below, corrections are suggested for a phrase “on it”, which refers to a pop-up box. As this phrase should be to complete my sentence, I have already established that I was referred by a pop-up box for the previous sentence, I was confident to ignore this suggestion.
Grammarly on MS Word
Conclusion: Should you use Grammarly?
As writers and bloggers, we always want perfect article or blog post. However, we are not perfect writers, and the truth is that we need all the help we can get. Grammarly makes it easy to write, by providing accurate and useful corrections, which we might not be able to detect. However, this will not dictate your writing style, it is a useful guide that will improve both your writing and proofreading.

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