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Interesting Facts About Human Brain that you Should Know

interesting facts human brain

Stop for a while and think how many processes your body are conducting right this moment. Your breathing is regular and rested. Your eye blinked about 3 to 4 times since this blog is opened. Your fingers can feel the device you’re using. You can feel the heartbeat of your heart which is pumping blood to all other parts of your body.

Don’t think so much! These all functions are controlled by Brain which is Central Processing Unit of your body.









Well, the Human brain has too many Interesting facts. Today, I am gonna tell you Some Interesting facts about Brain that maybe you have heard before. But before I continue with Some Interesting facts about Brain, you should know more interesting things about the human brain.


The Human brain is one of the most complex organs in our body. It is so complex that probably the most complex creation present in this universe.


The world’s greatest man made wonders are a result of the human brain making it the most amazing feature in a human being. They have used their brains as much as possible and making us to wonder on them. As we know Issac Newton used his brain up to 7%.



Well, According to psychology human brain has some parts that we haven’t unlock them yet. Some studies say that dolphin uses 20% of its brain that facilitates it to use SONAR for navigation.



More you go deep in the study of the Human brain more you find Information and facts about the brain that will be more Interesting.


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The brain is one of the complex organs in the Human body, It has many parts in it which have many Interesting Facts, If you will study about them you will find it damn interesting.


Telling you interesting facts about the human brain is not simply the matter of adding to your knowledge, it will serve to open the eyes of your mind.


Thinking, intelligence, imagination, and creativity are the complex process which human can change power at their will. All these interesting facts about brain attracted the attention of neuroscientists from around the world.



Packed and protected inside a hard bony shell, this 1.5-kilogram chunk of billions of neurons has the power to hold the functions of all body.



Well, Study of Human brain is so interesting and some powers of the brain are yet to be explored.



The largest part of the human brain is the cerebrum, which is divided into two hemispheres. Underneath lies the brainstem, and behind that sits the cerebellum. The outermost layer of the cerebrum is the cerebral cortex, which consists of four lobes: the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe and the occipital lobe.



Well, If we increase our brain usage then several interesting things will be started.



You can fully control your body functions and things around you. You can increase your learning, memory, etc powers and use it for controlling cells. Not only this, you can break the physical limitation.



 These things can happen if you increase your brain usage.



Well, All these are an assumption and I am not sure about this stuff. It can be real or nonsense. 



Interesting facts about the human brain



Some people also believe that these are all myths, the truth is, we use our brain 100%.


Maybe this is can be true! I am not sure.


Scans of a human brain show activity coursing through the entire brain all the time, even at rest, during sleep. Not all but 86 billion neurons are acted at the same time but when needed they are ready to act.


An Article explains all these:

Evidence would show over a day you use 100 percent of the brain,’ says John Henley, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Even in sleep, areas such as the frontal cortex, which controls things like higher level thinking and self-awareness, or the somatosensory areas, which help people sense their surroundings, are active, Henley explains. ….'[I]t turns out though, that we use virtually every part of the brain, and that [most of] the brain is active almost all the time.




All these depend on you whether you want to believe these myths or not.




All these are Interesting Facts about the brain. But, there is still more interesting facts about the brain.



So, Let’s begin with interesting facts about human brain




Some Interesting Facts about human brain that you Should Know


1.The human brain is about 2% of a body’s weight but uses 20% of its total energy.


2.Your brains keep developing until the late 50s.


3.When awake, the human brain is cable of producing enough electricity to glow bulb of 23 watts.


4.If the blood supply to the brain stops for 8 to 10 seconds then you will start losing consciousness.


5.The human brain has the capability of surviving 5 to 6 minutes until your brain gets oxygen.


6.The blood vessels that are present in the brain are about 100,000 miles in length.



7.In Human brain 100 billion neurons are present.



8.The human brain is one of the fattiest organs in the human body and it contains 60% of fat of body.



9.A Normal person has 70,000 thoughts in a day and 70% are negative.



10.The human brain has no receptors and no pain If brain surgery will be performed then brain feels no pain.



11.Human brains work together, there is no divide in the brain, It’s a myth of left brain and right brain.



12.According to Scientist Human brain treats rejection same as physical pain.



13.The human brain has the capacity for such emotions as joy, happiness, sadness, fear, etc at birth and child receives shapes how these emotions are developed.




14.Chocolate smell increases theta brain waves which trigger relaxation.



15.Human has the ability to change their memory, physical, etc power at their will.



16.Human brain loses the ability to create a memory when you are drunk.



17.According to Scientist, Men and Women brains act differently to pain.




18.A Pathologist stole the brain of Albert Einstein’s and kept in a jar for 20 years.



19.New discovery of parasite in the human brain, scientist started thinking that Zombie apocalypse can be possible.



20.Most people dream 1 to 2 hours when they are sleeping and have an average of 4 to 7 dreams.





I hope you enjoyed this Article “Interesting facts about Human Brain”.


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