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Youtube is a World’s Biggest and Popular Video Sharing website. Youtube was created by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley and launched in 2005. YouTube has now become World’s Biggest visiting video sharing website in the history of the internet.
When YouTube was invented, no one ever thought that a publicly contributed video sharing website can pull it off so big. In the previous years, We know nothing about the YouTube But, Now it has become World’s ‘most popular video sharing website’. Now, Youtube has become our part of the enjoyment, If we feel bored then, Of course, we will open Youtube and start watching trending videos. Google-owned Youtube for $1.65 billion.

World's Biggest Video Sharing Website Youtube

How World’s Biggest Video Sharing Platform was Born

The idea of making Youtube has come from the need of making a place where one can share video and other can watch it. Jawed Karim(Founder of Youtube) said that it was the tsunami incident that triggered the idea. The funds for the idea of making Youtube has received an $11.5 million investment from Sequoia Capital in 2005. The domain name was registered in February in the headquarters above a pizzeria in California. The first video was uploaded in April named “Me at the Zoo” by Karim. After the beta testing of Youtube, the website was launched in December 2005. Nike Commercial was the first which got the one million views.

History of World's Biggest Video Sharing Website Youtube

After quick growth of YouTube, Google acquired the company less than a year later for around $1.65 billion. However, At that time Youtube was relatively small then we see today Youtube. Youtube name came from “Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment”. Later, youtube changed its name to “Utubeonline”. Finally, the company got its name as YouTube and confusion among the users/customers of both the companies cleared.


In June 2007, Youtube was launched in Eight different countries. In December, First High definition video was launched on Youtube. There were too many people finding different uses of the website. In 2009, Finally, Youtube launched Full HD feature for watching the video up to 1080p. YouTube started getting high traffic (one billion) per day and a partnership with 4 channels that they had to catch up live TV for the first time while. New and more types ads were introduced and soon youtube gain too much popularity. Many Gamers and vloggers realize that YouTube has now become more popular. They can earn more by ads and by posting simply video on YouTube. End of 2011, Site was receiving huge amount traffic per day and earning huge revenue. After one year, Psy Gangnam style was the first video was launched that received a huge traffic.

Since 2012, YouTube was growing its strength day by day and now see how YouTube was made itself World’s “Biggest Video Sharing Website”. YouTube started live streaming, about 5 billion people watch live streaming per day and over 300 hours of videos are uploaded per minutes.

Final Words…   

YouTube is growing day by day and it has been predicted that there support will be stronger in Future. This is how YouTube was created or invented and now, becomes “World’s Biggest Video Sharing Website”. I already told you about the history of YouTube. Well, YouTube is the best place to enjoy and earn revenue by simply posting original videos on your channel. To show ads on your video, you can use Google Adsense for YouTube. I believe it would have helped you to know more about the most popular video sharing website i.e. YouTube. If you enjoyed this stats, don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

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