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Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about blogging and an important factor of SEO, which is Bounce Rate.
We will know in this article what is Bounce rate and how you can decrease it to get more traffic and to earn a better income from your blog. Let’s first know what is Bounce Rate.
This article will be helpful for all those who run a blog or a website.
So let us start with what is Bounce rate.
What is Bounce Rate?
Bounce rate means the percentage of visitors to a particular website that leaves the site after seeing only one of the pages on that site. In other words, this is the percentage of those who see only one page at a time on your site and go somewhere else.
If the Bounce rate is high then your site SEO level and ranking in Search Engine will decrease. It will affect your traffic also.
As I would like to see that my site’s bounce rate is 23%, it means that 23% of the total number of visitors who visit my site are those who had just opened one page on my site and go someone else Blog.
Now think about your site, If your site has less Bounce rate then your SEO and ranking in Search Engine will be increased.
If I talk about the only bounce rate, then it is less than 10%. The sites get a bounce rate less than 10% are among the millions. More than 90% of the bounce rate means that people are not interested in your site. Generally, the bounce rate of medium level websites ranges from 40% to 80%.

One thing I have already cleared up, the lower the bounce rate, the better it is. So each blogger and webmaster should have the aim of minimizing the bounce rate. Now you can quickly learn ways to reduce the bounce rate.


How to reduce the Bounce Rate?
At the time of my research, I found a various website with various ways to reduce Bounce rate and also some blog or website added an extra topic that is not required in this post but to give their blog post length they added these topics. So that’s why I am telling require information from my personal judgment.

These ways or methods will help you a lot to reduce your site’s Bounce rate.

 1.  Attract targeted visitors to your Blog.
Your goal should be to get targeted visitors rather visitors.
I mean to say that by targeted visitors that someone who likes tech or software would like to open only science and reading websites only. So try to bring only those visitors to your Blog who are interested in your Blog content.
  • ·         For this, you have to choose an appropriate keyword.
  • ·        Create a unique and valuable content with no grammatical errors.
  • ·         Give a good description of your content and title to show in the Search Engine.
  • ·         You can also monetize your blog for more targeted visitors exposure like- social media, etc.
2.Choose an appropriate theme for your blog.
No one would like to read the content of blog which is not good in appearing or the experience of browsing different pages is bad.
Visitors that is not finding good navigations of your blog will create more problem in surfing your blog that makes visitors not read your content anymore.
Choose good appearing font styles and color that can read by reader comfortably.
Do not use too bright and very light colors.
Add various types of colors and other good appearing items in the theme of your site so that reader of your blog like to read your content but don’t use too bright colors or bad appearing font as a visitor do not want to see it and looks bad.
Make sure that your blog is responsive and has a great way to surf on every single display and device and Also keep your blog theme smartphone friendly because nowadays mobile traffic is more than desktop traffic.
Reading this article will help you to gain more traffic and knowledge about WordPress theme
3.Make sure your site has minimum page loading time.
Page Load Time is a very major factor for SEO as well as for any website or blog bounce rate. Apart from this, for a higher rank in Search Engine, your website’s loading time should be less.
To check Website Load Time, Visit this site –  GTmetrix
GT metrix -what is bounce rate
Check your Website performance:-
what is bounce rate - wikiijunction
bounce rate of wikiijunction
4.Provide High-Quality content.
Providing quality content with the highly rich word is associated with the reputation of any website. Along with Quality Content, your content does not contain grammatical errors as it reduces the ranking of your blog in Search engine.
  Some tips in this regard are given below:
  •  Every single page on your blog should have its own unique reason.
  •  Target readers only in particular blog and use blog specific keywords for this.
  • Keep your content free of grammatical errors.
  •   Use the entire media in your content such as images and videos but do not provide illegal or copyrighted images or video, it should be your own.
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Really a valuable information you had provided here. And I think this will be helpful for creating the better and reliable site. Thank you very much

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