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Hello friends, Today I will tell you about the most important reasons for the popularity of Google. As we know that If we want some information or anything wants to find on the internet, we mostly prefer Google to do a search. But why Google?

Today I will tell you why we should use Google for reliable search. So let us start with an introduction
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What is Google?

Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products.

Google is the most widely used search engine on the internet today. Over 3 million online searches Google receives on a daily basis. LarryPage and SergeyBrin created Google in 1997. The founding ofGoogle made many advancements on the internet.

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Why is Google so popular?

Today, It is believed by many users that Google is the most reliable and fastest search engine for many reasons. A Case study said that about 75% of users’ searches were done on Google and 25% users using for search.
Google has become a part of our social community. Over many years, Google has gained popularity among us. It has been mentioned in many TV shows and movies and is considered to be a part of our “pop culture.” It has become common for someone to say, “Just Google it” to find out or read about any topic.
Advertisement on google homepage is too less than compared to its competitors Bing and Yahoo. Also, ads are more relevant to the keywords of users.

Google is extremely good at ranking valuable content containing sites in order of their relevance to users. It places value on sites that can link to other pages with similar information. The more popular sites that link to your page, the better the chance that your website contains useful information.
Another major feature is GoogleMaps, which can be used on both desktops as well as on mobile map service. GoogleMaps allows people to view a street map and images shot from satellite view on their desktop or mobile app service and also it can be used for searching nearby or far away places.
The new discovery of Google or G-talk gives office workers a more appropriate and direct way to communicate on the job.

Reasons Why Google is so popular Search Engine:

1.Home Page of Google.

The Homepage of Google is very simple and easy to use, It takes few seconds to load. Google gives a result for a keyword that the user types in the search box in a few seconds. For example, If I wanted to know about Blogging tips, then keyword for this will be “important blogging tips, ” and find details and more information about blogging.

2. The indexed rate of sites.

The most important benefit of the Google internet search engine is the absolute number of sites that index daily. With 1998, Yahoo and Google indexed 26 million websites, In 2000 number rises to 1 billion sites daily and Nowadays, Google is believed to have over a trillion websites to be indexed. What does it show to anyone, as a user of the Google can find more and number of sites that are relevant to its keyword and also not just the information but, a multitude of sources that include this fact?

3. The most Relevant Websites on SERPs.

Another benefit of Google internet search engine is it provides best relevant sites on top ranking on search result page. It reduces the website or blog ranking that contains illegal or duplicate content. Google does this by means of rating sites according to how many other sites link to it. The more popular site linked your blog or website more your ranking will increase in Google search result.

4. Different types of Files.

Google lookup for a variety of files to crawl and show on SERPs. Moreover, Google crawls different types of file formats and shows on its search result which the user can find MS. Office files, PDF, etc. on the search result of Google.

5. Popular among people.

As I already told you that Nowadays, Google is gaining more and more popularity among us. It will be rising all the time on the web. If someone wants to find or want to gain more knowledge about something then, we say that “just google it”.

6. Less Bounce rate.

Nowadays, Google is the most used search engine for doing searches. And also Bounce rate of Google too less. It means all users are finding best for their keyword searches for. So maybe this is also the reason for gaining popularity by Google.

7. Provides Best services.

Google provides best services to its users just like GoogleMaps, GooglePlus, Gmail, Youtube, etc. Providing the best services Google gain more popularity among people as compared to another search engine like Yahoo, etc. For instance: –GoogleMaps provide street maps, images of the street from satellite view and much more to its user.

8. Services provided by Google is free.

Google provides services and apps for free of cost and also didn’t ask for any personal or private information without any permission of the user. Services provided by Google is 100% legal and Best as compare to other.
For instance: –GoogleMaps, GooglePlus, etc.

9. Loading Time of Google.

Google gives the result of particular keywords that user typed in the Google search bar in a few seconds and faster than other Search Engine like Yahoo, etc. Moreover, the user can find the most relevant result for their searched keywords. Also, Google gives many websites in regards to the search period within a few seconds.

So due to all these kind of reasons people prefer Google rather than Bing or Yahoo. And due to it is used by the number of people in this world, Google is the most popular and friendly internet search engine for people. If you like this post then please share. 


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