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Why is Amazon the Best Site for Online Shopping? | Online Shopping

We know that If someone wants to buy anything we prefer for Online Shopping because we know that Online Shopping has many Advantages over ordinary Shopping. The Great advantage of Online Shopping is, We can buy anything without going here and there for it. As we know that If the word Online Shopping comes in our mind then, we only prefer Amazon to shop. But Why Amazon? Why not Flipkart or Snapdeal? I will tell you this later on but first of all, you should know all thing about Amazon.

What is Amazon?

Amazon logo
Amazon is an American based Electronic commerce and cloud computing company that was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, and situated in Seattle, Wahington. Amazon is well known for its E-commerce service among people. Well, Amazon provides much more services online such as Audible, Kindle, etc. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by its sales and capitalization. Amazon has separate websites for Online shopping for specific countries such as India, United States, United Kingdom, France, Netherland, Mexico, and some more countries.

Some unknown Facts that you should know about Galaxy. 

Reasons for Popularity of Amazon in Online Shopping World.

Well, Only the reasons are not there for the popularity of Amazon. We know that Online shopping is not only done for comfort but also as a trend in the World of Internet. Just because of this Amazon gains more popularity among people. Now it is the world most popular E-commerce website in the World. 
If you have purchased anything on Amazon, First thing you have noticed that its shipping is too fast. It can be one of the reason for its popularity. As we always want anything fast. That’s why Amazon is gaining popularity day by day. 
There are so many reasons saying Amazon reliable and best user experience e-commerce website. But I like Amazon products price because every product on Amazon is too less price compare to other site such as Flipkart.
And, The delivered product is same as you have ordered and the condition is too good. You can’t comment on its delivery services as they deliver same product in specific given time in a Good condition

It’s amazing prime facility is one of the main reason for gaining popularity among us. Amazon Prime is the service started by Amazon to deliver customer their ordered product within 24 hours. If you want to know my personal experience with these Online Shopping sites then I prefer to Amazon or Jabong. then you ask why not Flipkart or Snapdeal? I have purchased many products from Flipkart but their delivery is too bad. They gave me another product of the same brand. Not only me, I have asked from too many people they also say that about their delivery. And I really don’t know about Snapdeal because I haven’t purchased anything from Snapdeal But I asked some people about their option. Some people say yes, it is Good and some say no, it is not good.

Amazon delivery Logo

One thing about Amazon I really like it, Its free delivery on Amazon-fulfilled products. Yeah, it is right, If you order product of Amazon fulfilled then you don’t have to give the delivery charge.

Another thing not only I like but also other like it, is Amazon world’s best customer service. Really, No other service can compete with Amazon customer service. You don’t have to call them but the thing you have to do is only hit call me now button on its website. Then, they will call you in a second. It is my personal experience.

Amazon customer service

Amazon products are too much it means that you have so much of option to select best out of it. Its products are too less price compare to other websites. If you will see the product of Flipkart then you don’t have so much of option to select.

The thing that I dislike of Amazon.

If you order product on Amazon that is not fulfilled by it. Then you have to pay too high delivery charges on a product you have ordered. For example: – if I order watch of Rs 300 then its delivery charge will be about Rs 150. Then your watch total price will be Rs 450. If you will order the same watch on other websites like Snapdeal then they will not charge you a high amount for delivery.

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 Final Words: – Whatever the reasons are for the popularity of Amazon but really you can’t find any other Online Shopping website like Amazon. And also, If you order any product from Amazon then I know you will choose only Amazon for Online shopping next time. I gave you all reasons why people like Amazon for Online shopping. If you know another reason then please mention in the comment. So it’s my final words, Amazon is best for me for Online shopping and I hope also it will be best for you.

Please tell me your experience about Amazon whether it is Good or bad. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and on social media.





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