WordPress vs Blogger: Which one is the best blogging platform


WordPress vs Blogger - Choosing the best blogging platform is a difficult task when there are too many best blogging platforms to start a stunning blog.


Blogger and WordPress are two most preferable and best blogging platform to start a new blog.

But, Among these two, Which one is Best?


Well, This Question is too complicated!


But, I will tell you all things about both the Platforms and you have to choose which one is best blogging platform for you.


Well, Best Blogging Platform doesn’t mean that it does not have any disadvantage. Or, It is also best Platform for Blogging for you.


All Blogger does not say that this blogging platform is best for everyone. But, they say that this blogging platform is best for them. Saying Best Blogging Platform means that they can able to take all benefits that they want.


It totally depends on you whether you can get all benefits or advantages of using this blogging platform or not.

But, best blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. As I said above.


If someone asks me I would say that start a blog on blogger if you are new to blogging. But, do not stick to it for too long.


Start a new Blog with Blogspot, learn how to blog and try to learn Search Engine Optimization(SEO).


Then, migrate to WordPress and continue blogging on WordPress.


Well, I am saying this with experience, I started my Blogging life at Blogger. Blogger was my first Platform where I started Wiki Junction- A Blog For Informative Contents Based on SEO, Blogging Tips, and Much More.


And, After getting approved by Google Adsense, I moved to WordPress for better SEO.


But, If you are familiar with Blogging and started blogging to make money online then starting a new blog on WordPress is a Good choice.


WordPress vs Blogger: Which one is the best blogging platform, Let’s have Comparison between WordPress vs Blogger.



WordPress vs Blogger


Note:- This comparison is between WordPress.org (self-hosted website). Not, with WordPress.com which is different Blogging Platform.


Website Ownership

Blogger is a free Blogging service provided by Google where someone can share thoughts and much more with others. However, It is owned and run by Google, so your blogs are not totally owned by you. If you break any rules or regulations then your blog may be deleted.


With WordPress, you need a hosting provider to see live your blog. It totally depends on you when or for how long you want to run your blog. Everything on your blog includes files are owned by you. It means ownership of your blog is totally upon you.


WordPress vs Blogger- So, In terms of Ownership, WordPress is the Best choice.


Control on your Website

Blogger is a fine-tuned service with very few and limited tools with too many limitations for you to perform a specific task on your blog. Task you can perform on your blog are specific and there is no way to develop them to meet the needs.


WordPress is free service and open source software so, you can extend it to add new features. WordPress plugins allow you to modify your website to large extent. Using plugins you can make the store, portfolio, etc.


Well, if I talk about a website for a business than WordPress is the only way to start a business website when comparing WordPress vs Blogger.



Themes and Appearance

In terms of appearance and themes, both WordPress and Blogger allow you to change or modify to your own needs.

In Blogger, you can modify default themes of Blogger or you can add your own template and use it.

Also, WordPress allows you to change or modify the default themes. Also, you can add your own themes.

So, WordPress vs Blogger- Both are a good choice in terms of appearance and themes.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In Blogger, there are too many limitations for SEO benefits. Control over the site for Functionality and SEO, Blogger is not an ideal choice. “Blogger is a Google product which means it gives more SEO advantages” - I have read it many times. But, simply this is not true. It doesn’t matter whether you are using WordPress or Blogger, Google doesn’t do any discrimination.


WordPress is the best Blogging Platform for (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. As WordPress gives you more advantages and benefits to optimize your website or articles to large extent. And, WordPress Plugins is like an icing on the cake and gives your blog a boast.


WordPress vs Blogger- WordPress is an ideal choice.In a nutshell, WordPress is better than Blogger.



Transportability or Portability


WordPress vs Blogger- Migration


Migration From Blogger is not a difficult task, It’s very easy. What you have to do is just create a backup of your content and setup 301 redirections to your new website. Maybe you can lose your SEO or ranking on Search Engine. Only this is the disadvantage in blogger.


In WordPress, migration from WordPress is too easy. Just install exporter and create a backup of your site and install it on another Database or another host.


WordPress vs Blogger- Both are Good in terms of migration or portability of a website.



Security and Support

WordPress vs Blogger- Support


As Blogger is a Google product so you don’t have to worry about security. Blogger is a secure platform and with best technical support from the Google’ Blogger help forum.


WordPress site is self-hosted it means security is your own responsibility. And, support from WordPress is fine. There is documentation, community support, chatrooms, etc which help you a lot.


WordPress vs Blogger- In terms of security, Blogger is the right choice and for support, Both are Good.



Final Words

Matt Cutts is not only a Google Engineer, he is also head of Web Spam team.  He is one of those guys who educates normal users like me and you about what Google expects from a Blog.

Interesting, Matt Cutts uses WordPress for his personal Blog, Also he mentioned that Blogger the best Blogging platform for new Blogger to learn Blogging and Optimization for Search Engine.


As, WordPress is Good for SEO, and helps to rank for blog high on Search Engines. If you are just starting a Blog for sharing your thoughts not for making money than Blogger is perfect for you. But, If you are staring blog to make money than choosing Blogger is not an ideal choice. For this purpose, WordPress is the best Blogging Platform.


So, it depends on you for what purpose you are starting a Blog. If you want my suggestion then I would say start a new Blog on Blogger learns to blog than migrate to WordPress.


Do let me know: What’s your verdict on WordPress vs. Blogger? Which platform do you prefer and why?


Blogging is my hobby. I am sure that my Blog will provide value to the readers. Wiki Junction is only made for the people who like to read Informative Articles, Unknown Facts, Blogging Tips and Much More.
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